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Psychedelic, progressive, fusion, Turkish neo-jazz…
TOLGA CEBI – Violin and keyboards
TANER SARF – Guitar and vocals

Ihtiyac Molasi reunited together as a rock band in 1995, in Çanakkale, a seaside town on the Straits of Dardanelles south of Istanbul, where two continents meet. Since 1993 four young musicians; Tolga Cebi, Sinan Gursoy, Taner Sarf and Murat Güllü occasionally played together in a variety of activities, playing covers of alternative-rock bands and Pink Floyd in Çanakkale where the wind never stop to blow.

Since 1995, the band took the name of IHTIYAC MOLASI and began to play their own music in Istanbul. Each of them was playing music since a while, their own improvised performances also took a great attention by the fans and soon they became one of the favorite groups of Istanbul. In 1996 & 1997 the band competed on two contests: 'Best Rock Band of Istanbul' and 'Roxy Music Days' in which they reach the final. It's the participation to these contests as such that bring to them their name in the Turkish rock music Anthology. In 1998, they recorded the song 'Cengi' (The Dancer) on the compilation 'We raise our voices', which was produced by Ada Music.

Following this compilation appearance, the guys decided that it is the time to make a CD of their own. Thus, they signed an agreement with the independent label 'Zihni Music'. Finally in January 1999, the album, 'Milad' (The Nativity), was recorded in the Raks-Mansandiz Studios, which is one of the best studios in Turkey. The CD was released in April 1999 and contain remake of the improvised songs they performed formerly, and which the critiques has defined as progressive-rock music.

The sound engineer of the production is Okan Dogu, and Cevdet Erek joined the group as a guest musician. In October 1999, IHTIYAC MOLASI has recorded a video of their favourite song 'Çengi'. However the members of the band are in the obligation to take a break because of the compulsory military service.

In 2004 the band recorded their 2nd album “1,5” in their own studio and released in August 2004 from another independent music company Çan Music. After the 2nd album they played in many festivals, universities and music clubs in many cities in Turkey. Made four videos for the songs “1bucuktanem”, “Sus”, “Her Zaman” and “Ay”. “Sus” listed in topten of Dream TV for ten weeks and moved up to 4th line. In 2015 they released 3rd studio album “Kapılar” with Sony Music. Cem Omeroglu recorded made the mixes in Deneyevi studios-Istanbul. Mastering is made in Sage Audio Studios, Nashville – USA. Videos of the album “Kapılar” can be seen in official youtube channel of the band: